425,000 kids in the U.S. are

in foster care every year.

 Kids in foster care may face many hardships and disappointments.

They are often moved from home to home, some more than 20 times.

That’s a different home and family to adjust to every time. To top it off, as they’re moved, 

they are given a trash bag to pack their belongings in--what doesn't fit is left behind. 

However, a gift of a suitcase means more than luggage, it's a beacon of hope,

provides a sense of belonging, and lets each child know someone cares.


To a foster kid, a suitcase means everything.

A Case for Character

suitcase means everything.

Every foster kid receives a brand-new suitcase with

a TSA certified lock to keep their belongings safe.

A special gift they will cherish and never forget.

Each suitcase comes with an

award-winning book and CD

that helps instill life-changing values.

A suitcase is more than luggage, it gives the gift of...

Facing hardships at such a young age makes life seem difficult to endure. A suitcase can provide 

a sense of care and encouragement to press on.

Moving from home to home and living in different households is rough enough. But having to show up with a trash bag is demeaning and heartbreaking. A suitcase changes all of that, preserving their image and their dignity.

Many kids in foster care feel abandoned, forgotten, and disconnected from others.

A suitcase lets these kids know that someone actually cares for them.

Most foster kids have little or nothing of their own. When they're moved and given a trash bag to pack their belongings in, many things are left behind.

A suitcase provides kids with something they can call their own–a personal object that goes with them from home to home.

Here are a few ways to be a hero.

With $65 you can give a gift that a foster kid will remember forever.

Help a county provide suitcases to their community.

Do something fun, creative or exiciting to raise funds!

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