One of our board members came to us with an article he had just read that broke his heart. In it he saw a tremendous need. He asked if there was anything we could do to help meet this need. 


It had to do with foster and at-risk children.

In our country alone, there are over 440,000 in the foster care system. When many of these children are transferred to another home, which is often, they are given a small plastic bag and just hours to pack. All they can take with them is what fits into that bag. Many of the stories of these children are heartrending. They have very few things to call their own.

We can do SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. We can provide a SUITCASE for these kids. It will be theirs. They can take it wherever they go. Something they can call their own. And, in every suitcase we are placing the ABC’s of Character book and music CD which reinforces life-changing values.

We can do this! We can meet a simple but profound need.


Together we can make this happen! And it becomes “A Case for Character!”


When we stepped into ministry several decades ago, we had no idea where this journey would lead us. We wanted to affect our culture and the lives around us, regardless of the personal cost.  


As our work carried us across the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Africa and Mexico during the 70’s, we became concerned about the state of the children.  The news media was just beginning to discover the neglect and abuse that many children suffered in our inner cities.  We prayed about how to reach kids and youth and we felt that one of the ways was to use music.  Out of those humble prayers came decades of award-winning music and videos such as “Music Machine,” Bullfrogs & Butterflies,” and “Bible Man.”  The Grammy® awards, Dove awards, and multiple industry awards have been great, but the greatest reward is that millions of children, youth, and families have been touched.  


The journey is definitely still going on today!  For the last few years, doors have been opened for us to bring character-building music and programs into the public schools.  Our Character Classics™ series, which won the Teacher’s Choice award, was the first avenue into schools.  Principals reported that detentions decreased after students were exposed to this music.  Teachers said that their classrooms were transformed.  Today through our non-profit organization, Forever Kids, a team is going into schools with the Kid of Character program, reaching hundreds of thousands of kids.  Kid of Character presents music assemblies, the ABC’s of Character book and CD for all the students, and Teacher’s Kits for all the teachers. 


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ForeverKids is a non-profit organization giving kids

and their families a chance to live a life of character.


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As we continue to seek for ways to affect our culture and our world, many opportunities come our way.  We have never felt led to embrace any until now.


One of our Forever Kids board members came to me recently with a report that broke his heart.  He asked if there was anything our organization could do to reach this need. We felt we should expand the work of Forever Kids to take on a need that is a systemic cause for serious problems in our nation today.  It is the dilemma of foster children.  


In our country alone, there are over 400,000 (Dept. of HHS Child Welfare Report 2012) in the foster care system.  When many of these children are transferred to another home, they are given a plastic bag and just hours to pack.  The stories of these children are heartrending.  They have few things to call their own.  


We are very excited to announce that Forever Kids has now established a program that will give foster children their own suitcase to take with them everywhere they go.  And, in every suitcase we are placing the ABC’s of Character book and music CD. We are calling it:

A Case for Character.



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